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Fishtank Castle Annual

Posted on Feb 20, 2013


If you haven’t already, you need to get yourself a copy of the Fishtank Castle Annual from The Tarantulas. Styled like one of the annuals you’d get at Christmas when you were a little ‘un, the Fishtank Castle Annual has images and behind the scenes information of all The Tarantula’s toy releases, and artists involved in their making. This is so much more than a product catalogue, and you can tell how much love and thought went into it’s making. I’ve included a picture of one of the pages featuring my collab with The Tarantulas – Niblette, but i don’t want to give too much away – pick up a copy of the Fishtank Castle annual at ToyConUK , April 6th 2013.

From The Tarantulas blog: I have a little stash of these earmarked for ‘Fishtank Castle – LIVE’ at ToyCon UK as promised so that’s your best bet* if you missed the pre-order – if you can’t make it get your mules ready cos there will be some surprises..



The Tarantulas x A Little Stranger