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Holly by Nick Dale on Vimeo.

Hi! I’m Holly, an artist living and working in London. A Little Stranger is my alter ego and covers all my personal endeavours, my art and toy creations. I also create, produce and distribute my own plush line Cavey.

A Little Stranger is a sponsor of the UK’s only designer toy convention, ToyCon UK.

Professionally, I worked for 11 years as a model maker in various forms, working in a huge range of mediums across a variety of styles and industries, starting in toy prototyping and product development, then moving into prop making for films and TV.

I have recently moved away from model making in the commercial capacity to focus on my art and train to be a tattoo artist, this is new challenge for me and one I am enjoying immensely. It has allowed me to develop my 2D work and I can’t wait until I create awesome living art for my clients.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram (@holly_astral) for the latest from me and my guinea pigs.

You can read some interviews with me on these fine sites: Status Magazine / Toysrevil / Miseducated/ Urban Vinyl Daily




Three brands fall under the A Little Stranger banner,

Usagi Space Bunny – My newest endeavour. Usagi is a space bunny, made of dust from the moon. He followed the stars down to earth to learn about our world and share his facts and positive attitude with you! Usagi and his cousins love learning, smiling, and being cute little bunnies from space.




Astral Foundry – My jewellery and accessories collection, featuring large sculptural silver pieces and hand crafted leather work.


Cavey – My line of super collectible plush creatures, they have gone to homes around the world and spawned a vinyl toy. Cavey’s short run format has become a huge hit, with people clamouring to get their hands on the latest releases and a wealth of top toy artists working with her on one-off designs for Cavey’s birthday party shows.