Little Bun, what do you think?
Written by Holly   
Saturday, 31 January 2009
Little bun and Katamari

Hello! who's this?! This little bunny is an attempt to have some less expensive items in my shop. He has the same little resin face as the brooches but set into a squishy soft body. This is a test one i popped out but i was thinking i could put a lttle loop on the top of their ears so they can be hung on a bag?

$30, what do you think? Feedback is appreciated :D


Unfortunately all the comments on my site have been re-set. I had to change my comments application because an evil bot had got hold of my site and was leaving me 300+ comments every day. Fail.

Little bun To give you an idea of the size. He's a nice hold-able bigness.
Little bun scaring the bunny brooches! Here he is scaring the bunny brooches! eep!
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