A Little Stranger

Polar Bear Custom

This jointed polar bear plush was a private comission. She is made from a variety of white and cream furs giving him lots of textures and feels. Her body is made from super soft polar fleece and airbrushed along the seams for a vintage look. This one-off jointed bear is around 12″ tall (not including her ears) The face is a resin cast of my own original sculpt. Her face has been painted and sealed with layers of matte lacquer with gloss accents on her eyes and lips. She has weighted feet and a weighted bottom and free moving teddy bear joints in her shoulders and hips so she can sit and stand unassisted.

Polar Bear Custom

Polar Bear Custom

Polar Bear Custom

Florence has been transformed into the latest A Little Stranger desktop for your computer or iPhone

Florence is a octogirl who never fitted in at the bottom of the sea, so she came to land to make some friends. She smokes Marlboro reds

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Project blankie took a bit of a backseat last week while i moved house, but i have finally had a minute to upload all the pictures of week 4! I got some lovely squares in the post, all the way from Australia, from Lauren who i met on Flickr, thanks Lauren! :)

I’ll get a picture soon of all the squares together – im really interested to see how they all look, laid out! they’re stacked up on my bookcase right now and all the colours look lovely.

What is Project Blankie? I’m making a huuuge sofa throw, out of simple 5″ granny squares. I’m posting picture of my progress online to encourange others to send me a square- If you knit or crochet i would love for you to join in!

Click here for Project Blankie Homepage with more pictures and patterns.

Project Blankie, join in!