Summer Stuff

Phew i cant believe its nearly the end of August already, this year is going so fast! It’s been a weird few months in Holly-land, but I’ve been having the awesomest summer, which i guess reflects my total neglect of blog entries lately :)

Just got back from a week of sun with my bf, It was my second trip down to the coast this summer – I was in Newquay a couple of weeks ago for a hen weekend and, incredibly, learned to surf! (i am so clumsy and uncoordinated, me managing to surf is a miracle!) This time around me and the honey bunny did some body boarding, which is pretty extreme for me. I swooned as he impressed me with his skimboarding and blokarting skillls – a crazy little wind powered go-kart thing, i was too much of a sissy girl to give it a go!

Anyway i didnt get many snaps worth internetting, so heres my feeble attempt at a blog post. I took some pictures of how project blankies coming along, i counted and i have 66 squares, i think i need like 200+ so if you are a knitter/crochet and fancy helping a sister out, have a look here, pretty please?!

Also, my friends Sophie and Joe got guinea pigs, its all part of my master plan to convince all my friends to get piggies so no matter where i am there are pigs to squeeze! mwa ha ha!

Summer Stuff

Holly xox


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