A Little Stranger


So my websites been acting up a little while i migrate from the old version of it’s software to the new. I have a bunch of stuff i want to blog about but the site seems to have a life of its own at the moment  and it decides wether it wants me to blog it or not, ha! So i thought lets have a lottery competition i can run for the next week or so and hopefully by then it’ll be back on track. Back in March i gave away three Jellyfish keyrings to three subcribers to my mailing list, chosen at random, and im going to do the same again except this time theres only one prize, this white jellyfluff!


I wanted to share some photos Lauren took of her sleepy monster, who she names Moonmallow. I should send all my creatures to her to get photographed she takes beautiful pictures! :) Check out her pictures here and here. Thanks Lauren!!

Holly xox

Heres some gorgeous photos of the Albino polar bear plush i custom made for Lauren. I love seeing pictures of my creatures in their new homes!! She named her Mukluks, look here for more pictures!


Holly xox