A Little Stranger

Hello! How are you on this lovely Friday? I’ve properly got the Friday feeling this morning -  found out this morning that i am going to Hospitality next weekend (hip hip hooray! thanks Tony!) and today i’m off for a day of shopping and then to see Wicked with my sister, then heading for a friends birthday drinks after. So i’d better write this quick so i can get ready! Its Friday and you know what that means, Week in Pictures! How has this week been treating you? Mine has been good, a bit of working on secret projects, a lot of working overtime to get jobs done on time!

Day 171
Day 171 of my Flickr 365days project

Finally got my long-overdue roots done, so i have a lovely bright pink head again! My bestie Maddi just so happens to be the superest hairdresser in the west (maybe i should make a badge with that on?!) she does incredible things with my limpy floofy hair, its unreal. I went in there with a hat hiding my sad sad mop of a hair-do and left with it all shiny pink and gleaming healthiness. We went shopping afterwards and i kept getting stopped asking about my hair, Maddi would hold up her pink stained hands and say “i did it!” ha!

Day 168
Mmmmm waffles. Day 168 of my Flickr 365days project

Me and my Bff went for a day out on Sunday, starting at the WAFFLE HOUSE, which i need to write in capitals to truly convey just how epic it is. They do savoury and sweet waffles, so i had soup as my main so i could have a mega sweet waffle for pudding. I went for a spelt waffle with pecans and caramel sauce, with sliced banana, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. It was huge but i valiantly soldiered on and finished the whole thing :)

Then we went for a walk in the bluebell woods, the bluebells are in full bloom this and next weekend so it was magical being in the woods. I remembered my camera but not the battery so i will treat you to some camera phone pictures instead. We spent a couple of hours walking around enjoying the lovely views, we totally lucked out and the two hours we were outside were the sunniest most beautiful part of the day! We did tree stump lunges…

We saw a creepy horse and cart guy…

And these funny wicker animals, there was deers and birds, too!

Spot the genius grafitti. I LOL’d all the way to the train station after seeing this billboard.

And i leave you with this little gem. Byeeeee have a great weekend! x