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New to the shop are these gorgeous Super Sweet Heart necklaces by Zombukis Love You, a giant heart pendant made with real candy sprinkles, I’ve been looking forward to stocking these neckalces for a while and when the stock arrived I just had to keep one for myself, i love mine and wear it all the time :) Get yours here!

Super Sweet Heart is a giant, heart shaped resin pendant necklace that’s been backed by tons of real rainbow candy sprinkles! Each pendant is handmade in the USA by Brigitte of Zombukis Love you. The candies are set back in the pendant so they warp and distort around the edges of the clear resin, cosmic! The pendant has been sealed with resin for extra shine and protection.

Just got an email from Jayefuu telling me i’ve been featured in these Instructables top trumps put together by himself and a gang of other instructables members. 104 Instructables users were chosen for the cards and im very flattered to be among them. Professionally printed glossy, double sided, rounded corner, card cards, printed by gmjhowe at his UK print shop, click here to order a pack using Paypal. They’re 10GBP/15USD/11.5 Euros. All profits after paying for materials and time go towards their Instructables stall at the Newcastle Maker Faire 2011.

A quick sneak peek of my 8′ Qee custom for the Civil War and Our Founding Fathers show in July. It’s great having such a big ‘canvas’ to work on, so much scope for texture and detail. And how gorgeous are those glass eyes? i just love them, i’d love to see how they’re made. The rest of his look will stay secret until he’s all finished!

Cross post from over on heycavey.com Floral Cavey popped his sombrero on and joined us for a BBQ yesterday. Go have a look over there for another picture

Floral Cavey

New to the shop is the Octo-Yeti print. Limited edition of 30, professionally printed in short runs. High quality giclee print on archival acid-free matte heavyweight paper, Archival pigment inks. The original painting was acrylic on paper.

Available in 8.5 x 11″ and 11.5 x 16.5″

Cross post from heycavey.com. Cavey is a new toy range from A Little Stranger. Check out Cavey’s blog to find out more about these illusive creatures



I am very happy to launch the blog for my newest character, Cavey, over at www.heycavey.com. Why don’t you pop over there now and see what he’s all about? :)

Hailing from Bristol, UK, Gavin Strange is known to the toy world as JamFactory, creator of the Droplet vinyl toy which burst onto the scene in 2008. Now in their second series the Droplets continue to delight with their simple design and their sweet and curious personality.  When he’s not bringing his crisp, colourful style to everything he touches Gav is Senior Designer of the digital department at the illustrious Aardman Animations. I am delighted to be stocking series 2 Droplets through the A Little Stranger Shop.

Is Strange your real name? cause thats awesome!
Haha it is yeap! When I was a kid I don’t think I was too enamoured with it as the other kids used to take the mickey but as I got older i loved it, and especially trying to make a name for yourself in the design world, a weird surname helps!


I was very pleased to wake up this morning and find www.alittlestranger.com on the front page of the Website Bakery. The site is a online exhibition of creativeness and i’m very flattered to be part of it, thanks Kimberly! Its a really inspirational site, bringing together creative bunnies from all different disciplines, some of my favourites are Muddy Cloud (eeee so cute!) and Lydia Meiying who creates beautiful illustrations that translate to fabric and textile design.

Qeeology 2.5 is on tomorrow, if you’re in the Nebraska area you should check it out, there are some really great pieces from very talented artists. I’m so pleased to be included, it’s a shame i cant make it to the show! Take a picture for me! :)   Pictures of my custom, Moss Rabbit, are here.

I’m very happy to make these Monster Paws by Stitches and Glue available through the shop in 4 different colour combinations. Each is a real little work of art, handmade by Paul Vincett in the Monster Workshop, a fellow UK based monster loving artist. The purple one in the picture is mine, i have it proudly displayed on my keys, and sometimes wear it as a necklace!