A Little Stranger

A mega chonking picture post this week! Birthday parties, BBQ, sunshine, guinea pigs… I’m not even going to waste any time introducing it all, lets get started!

Playing drinking games

Vickys Birthday Party: So i totally forgot to put this in last weeks week in pictures, i’m officially a bad sister! Vicky threw a party at her house the other week for her birthday and a thoroughly good time was had by all! I’m the worst at remembering to take photos, but Carolin was in charge of my camera all night and she’s a much better picture taker than me, i had to sift though zillions to make this post! :D

You know its a classy event when there’s a LIGHT UP DRINKS FOUNTAIN!!

Sophie, Leanne, me
Work it, girls!


you whaaat?!
Lucky man!

Greg looks bored
ew time for shots!
Maddi and her hunky man, Mr Tibs
I don’t know what we’re doing, either!

wow something amazing must’ve been happening just behind the camera, too bad i didn’t get a pic of that!
aw me and Jonjo

Livvy, Vicky, Carolin
Let me demonstrate how to ruin another wise nice photo :)

Last weekend was my grannies 85th birthday, look how cute she is!! We all met up at the pub to celebrate, here’s everyone – her children, (6 of them!) wives and husbands, grandchildren and even great grandchildren, whoah! Happy birthday grandma!

look at that rump!

BBQ!! It was mega hot and sunny here all last weekend, on Sunday we had an epic all day BBQ that turned into a lovely little party in the evening. Ill spare you the pictures of us all sweating to death in our swimsuits and share these of the piggies instead :) I spent the day with my body in the shade and my legs sticking out in the sun desperately trying to tan them, i think it worked a bit but i definitely need to get myself more used to being in the sun before LA this summer.

Glittery Cupcakes! Jonjo made cakes for his staff at work and used the edible glitter i bought i couple weeks back but haven’t dont any baking since. I cant even believe edible glitter exists, i just want to put it on everything! The cake cases have little smiley/acid faces on them, too, they’ve got to be the happiest cakes evar!

Phew! Thats enough pictures from me this week, i’ll leave you with this little gem…. all will be revealed soon!

Making Vickys costume