A Little Stranger

Hi remember me? It’s Holly, the worlds worst blogger! Sorry this is a week late, but you get a double one to make up for it! Last week was pretty much all about getting heycavey.com finished anyways so you didnt miss much!

KFGlee. KFC + Glee + KFGlee, just when i thought Glee night couldn’t get any better, we found a way to smash it even harder!!

Finding this photo of me and jonjo in the crowd on John B‘s flickr. You can kind of see my hair, Jonjo is the one in the yellow shirt <3 Also coming home one day to find a parcel full of signed CD’s and flyers from John B. Best ever.

Day 181Day 181 of my Flickr 365days project

Hospitality: Ok so Hospitality last Friday was EPIC. We went out for dinner first and then danced our little socks off all night, the vibe was brilliant and we had such a great time! This is a picture of me and London Elektricity who, needless to say, absolutely smashed it. He announced on twitter during the day he was going to play a couple of new tunes so i was looking forward to that all day! Just look at my cheesy grin in this picture, that about sums it u – fantastic brilliant magical night! Bang!

Day 182
This is what happens when I let my sister edit my Mii. Day 182 of my Flickr 365days project

Retro Video Games: This weird glitch happened on Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast) it notifies you of a disk error but continues to play fine, just the background textures disappear on parts of the map that haven’t loaded yet, so you’re flying through the air. Has anyone else ever had this happen? We also had a big Donkey Konga session, god i love that game! I’ve got two of the bongo controllers, too, which makes it even better, battles get a little heated round ours! A big gang of us played it till out hands were red. Super super fun times.

Yummy Dinner: Jez showed me how to cook mussels, i’d always assumed it was difficult but it was really easy and ill definitely do it again. The only downer is de-bearding all the mussels first, ick! We had the mussels as a starter then had this beautiful Hunters chicken that Jonjo made, with a big salad and delicious bread. So yummy and easy to make, you’re got to try the recipe!

If you follow me on twitter you may remember my spider freak out a couple of weeks ago. Well a friend at work’s little girl found a picture of him in her spider book, it was a Woodlouse spider. Honestly this thing was massive and sick, AND ive seen a few bebe ones around. Its like Arachnophobia in my house :(

They have been known to bite humans if handled. Their bite can be painful but the venom causes no major medical problems. Localised itchiness at the bite site has been reported in some cases.

Girls Night!: Had a girls night at mine last Friday, we ate pizza drank wine and watched trashy TV – what more could a girl ask for?! I made the pizzas from scratch and was really pleased with how they came out – making the dough was a bit of a nightmare, you have to make a well from the flour then add the wet ingredients into a well in the middle. I didn’t make the well ‘walls’ high enough, and it spilled over, all over the worktop, floor, walls and me! I’m such a clutz in the kitchen, if anyones going to burn themselves/get food everywhere/drop everything it’ll be me, but i managed to style it out and non one was any the wiser of my cooking disaster :)

The Punisher, jus chillin’
wheee piggy trails!
eee a piggy crop circle!
Lizardman and Lord Violence

Beautiful Sunny Weather: The last couple of weeks of sun interspersed with rain has given us a super-lawn! The guinea pigs absolutely love it and run around leaving little trails and tunnels in the long grass. They lie down all flat and leave little crop circles all over the garden :) :)

Cavey Photo Shoot: Had a little photo shoot with the Caveys, which one is your favourite? Tell me here!

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve got a friends birthday party, my nanas birthday and no doubt a bit more Cavey making :) Thats it from me this week, se y’all on monday!