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Hows your week been? I feel like i haven’t been up to much this week, a lot of late nights and deadlines but i managed to fit in lots of fun last weekend :)

Spring cleaning my closet. I had an afternoon of trying on everything and if it didn’t fit right or could be easily altered out it went. I had too many things that i kept because i like them and don’t actually wear. It  feels soooo good to get rid of all the clutter! Two huge bags went to the charity shop and the rest is up on eBay. If you’re a UK 10 get yo’self a bargain  – everything starts at 99p And i made the most of having all that extra room in my cupboard by spending the whole day shopping on Friday, i’m very excited about all the new summery clothes i got – including  my favourite hareems in 3 colours, i just couldn’t resist they’re too comfy!

Day 174Day 174of my Flickr 365days project

Going to see Wicked. After the mega shopping day on Friday me and Vicky went to see Wicked. We won theatre tokens last year and could decide what to go see, i wanted to see Chicago, Wicked or the Woman in Black, Vicky was undecided until the episode of Glee where Kurt and Rachel sing Defying Gravity we just looked at each other and were like “lets see Wicked!”. Everyone i know who’s seen it has raved about it and i can totally see why, it was incredible. Rachel Tucker as the wicked witch was just breathtaking – that girl can sing! And the costumes, were so beautiful and thoughtfully designed. Incredible incredible incredible, you have to go see it!

Sharing undercrackers. These shorts are part of my costume for the upcoming Jersey Shore party we’re having round ours (We’re just waiting till it gets warm enough outside that you don’t have to wear much clothes, ha!) So everyone had a go wearing them. I think they look sexiest over hareems, don’t you?!

The Hello Kitty game never gets boring!

Getting organised! The delivery man just came this morning with £140 worth of Reallly Useful Boxes, and whoah they’re GIANT. I totally wasn’t expecting them so be so huge, they’re eating my entire lounge! Now to spend the weekend getting all my fabric and worky stuff organised and put away. I love organising things into boxes and getting it all just how i want it. but i think the house is going to be carnage – you have to get everything out to put it away again.

Day 180Day 180 of my Flickr 365days project

My hair is finally getting long! After too much bleaching it started to snap off last year, but after switching to a less powerful bleach and more regular conditioning its getting long enough that i can tie it back! Its sad cos i miss my white and baby turquoise hair, but its just too damaging to get my hair that pale cos its so dark to start off with.  Plus i’m loving the pink, makes me feel summery!

Day 177Day 177of my Flickr 365days project

I put this picture in because i don’t often like pictures of me and i think this one’s nice (apart from the washing pile dumped on my desk, ha ha!) I’m wearing the cuute necklace that Jonjo gave me, it’s a little diamond covered crab with wiggly claws <3 I’m wearing an eyeshadow that i got in Topshop while on my mega shopping trip. I was browsing the Barry M glitter dusts to find one i don’t already have and the sales girl comes skipping over all excited “try this one! its exactly the same colour as your hair!” and it really is! i love it!

I’ve noticed that a lot of people look at my week in pictures, but rarely comment, so if you’re out there say hi! I’d like to know what you think of the feature, whats good/bad about it, so i can make these weekly posts interesting to you all. Thats it from me, have a great weekend! I’m off to Hospitality at Matter tonight, what are you up to this weekend?


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  • kimi Says:

    I love the most of that hello kity head! lol
    Very cute :) i am a fan of a hello kitty


    Holly Reply:

    yeah i love it so much! i had to get one for me and one for my sister too :D


  • Maya Says:

    i never comment on your blog because i dont know you
    and because i follow you through the rss on apple mail. so im not able to leave comments there…

    i like all of your stuff and love ur hair. keep the good work and the “week in pictures” is really interesting, i have a project that is somehow similar, but is my day in video. the only problem is that i dont have the enough disiplice and time to do that everyday.

    (sorry for my english is not my 1st language)


    Holly Reply:

    its great to meet you! i recognize your icon – your hair is really beautiful :) Glad you like the week in pictures posts, i have been undecided on whether to keep doing them. thanks for saying hello! xox


  • clare Says:

    it’s been nuts… I took finals, and graduated :)

    tonight we partied though, which was lots of fun.


    Holly Reply:

    whoah thats a crazy week you must be really happy with yourself!! congrats :D x


  • Holly Says:

    I love the ukelele!
    Your pictures of the week are always hilarious and awesome :3


    Holly Reply:

    yeah that ukelele is so cute, can you believe they were giving them away as promotional items at jonjos work?! glad you like the week in pictures thanks for saying hi ^__^


    Holly Reply:

    i only just realised that your name is Holly, too *hollyhighfive*


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