A Little Stranger

What happens when you combine Hidden Crumb‘s love for sweet treats and A Little Stranger’s need to create cute plush? Cupcake Pals! Cupcake Pals are a new range of finely crafted cupcake throw pillows. Adorn your bed, your sofa, your office… Wherever you find a Cupcake Pal you’re guaranteed to find a smile.

Meet Oscar, the first collaboration between Hidden Crumbs and A Little Stranger. Limited to only 10 pieces, Oscar is made from the highest quality materials and lovingly handmade by Holly in the A Little Stranger Studio.

Measures a whopping, cuddly-soft 15 Inches x 15 Inches (38cm by 38cm)

Only £39.99 in the Hidden Crumbs shop. There are only a couple left of these little cuties, get them while they last!






I was comissioned to produce the launch products for hiddencrumbs.com a new venture where a collection of bakers, chocolatiers, sweet treat enthusiasts and general all round creative people working to produce delicous looking and tasting gifts. Their Christmas collection includes Cupcake Pals – giant handmade cupcake pillows, awesome sweet Jewelery from Blue City Jewelery, tasty sweets and a very special Cavey release. Read the interview here.

Interview with yours truly over at Hiddencrumbs.com

This is my piece for The Omi Show, December 11th 2010 at Munky King, 7308 Melrose Ave, LA, CA 90046.

Inspired by those documentaries about all the creepy creature that live way deep down under the sea, the tentacles and muzzle give off an eerie glow when the lights go out, and coupled with the white fur he glows bright cyan and yellow under UV light. From The Deep started life as a blank white monkey Omi, and i used glow-in-the-dark polymer clay, faux fur, acrylic paint and glass eyes to create him as you see him now. The mount-board is solid wood, varnished to a high gloss finish. He comes with a picture hook for hanging on a wall, and a kickstand so he can be displayed on a flat surface or shelf.






munky king omi