A Little Stranger

The Reindeer Pyjamas started life as a blank 7″ Munny. I sculpted her face and hands from polymer clay, painted with acrylics, sealed with layers of matt UV resist lacquer, and added a faux hair fringe. Her little pyjamas were made from scratch using vintage reindeer pyjama fabric from my Nana’s fabric stash, a tiny zip and teeny weeny buttons for the butt flap.

The Reindeer Pyjamas is £300 and can be purchased directly from Urban Vinyl Daily.

The Reindeer Pyjamas also featured in a panting i posted a couple of weeks back. The painting and prints are available in my webshop.

They Came from the Streets 2 runs June 1st-2nd, 2012.UNHEARDOF 323 W. 4th St. Cincinnati, OH, USA.