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This week

I’ve had such a fun week! After my birthday last week i’ve been thoroughly spoilt by all my wonderful friends and generally getting treated like a little darlin’ :D


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This is a short and sweet post this week as lots of the things i’ve been up to this week i can’t post pictures of just yet, i’ve been super busy with not so much time for my personal projects. I’ve also been working on a Christmas instructable for Monday that i’m *really* excited about sharing!! :) Also my camera memory card died so i didn’t take any pictures last weekend apart from the ones at Eddie Izzard, woopsie!


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Since it got featured on Reddit and Stumbledupon I’ve been getting a lot of emails about my Mario Cross stitch so i thought i’d post a proper picture of it – here it is proudly hung on our living room wall. I cant take all the credit for it though, Jonjo did the sky ;)


December 4th, 2009 Real Life | 12 Comments

This Week

Hang on, how is it December already? Bit of a wake up call that Christmas is just around the bend! Lots of exciting things have been happening this week in Holly-land, here’s pictures of some of it…


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This week

Phew its been a busy week! I’ve been a bit of a crazy computer lady the last couple of weeks while ive been getting the new up and working. Computer stuff dosent come that naturally to me so theres been a lot of me banging my head on my desk and making a grumpy face,  but it looks like everything’s done now and i can get over myself!


November 25th, 2009 Real Life | 2 Comments
Finished the Mario cross stitch and hung it in the living room!
The Mario Cross Stitch :)

Mario Cross Stitch We have been making this for the living room, it took about 3 weeks all together, Jonjo did the sky and i did the everything else, ha! It was a lot of fun, i’ve never done a big cross stitch like this before, we used a huge needle and doubled over thread, so it’s got quite a 3D effect when you look at it up close.


November 18th, 2009 Real Life | 9 Comments

New Stuff

Heres my messy desk with what i’ve been up to lately on it! I’ve had a few days off work this week and ive spent my time working on custom orders, painting, going mental over the new Paramore album (Hayley Williams is my latest  all-consuming celebrity crush) and working on my own projects – Lots of messing around with polymer clay and experimenting with using glass eyes. I was unsure if they eyes would expand when i cooked them so this was a test, to see what happened. I tried this in the past with plastic eyes but they slightly melted and lost their shape, ew! I didnt think i’d use this face but i’ve ended up really liking him! I’ll finish him off next week. I’ve been experimenting with making polymer clay jewellery but i’ll share pictures when they’re a bit more finished.


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Check out these cute Mario garden decoration me and Jonjo made! We were anxious waiting to go out raving that night so we chilled out by doing crafts (yeah i know we’re cool!) We made them using Hama beads , check out this flickr group where clever people have made all kinds of mental Hama bead beauties, i love nerd craft!! This pictures was taken before we went on holiday, while we were away the marigolds in the background got eaten by slugs and the geraniums got all dried out and nasty. boo! :(


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Project Blankie

So heres the latest with Project Blankie ! I got a few done while i was on holiday. I lined them all up and counted, i’ve got 66 so far, i worked out that i need 250+, so if you’ve got knitting/crochet skills you could send, join in and save my crippled fingers? pwease?! :)


August 25th, 2009 Project Blankie, Real Life | 1 Comment

Summer Stuff

Phew i cant believe its nearly the end of August already, this year is going so fast! It’s been a weird few months in Holly-land, but I’ve been having the awesomest summer, which i guess reflects my total neglect of blog entries lately :)


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