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Remember my 8″ Qee custom, Redcoat for the Civil War & Founding Fathers Qee show? He’s up for sale in the Spaghetti Project shop. (Yes they spelt my name wrong, charming!) There are lots of other beautiful customs from the show, and a percentage of the sales goes to charity. Click here to visit the shop

I am very excited to announce Super Duper Caped Cavey, a SDCC exclusive. If you want one, find me at Comicon on the Sunday (July 25th, i’ll no doubt be hanging around the toy booths) and he’s yours to buy! They’re a limited run of 10 so you’ll have to be quick. Super Duper Caped Cavey is $20 including a drawstring bag to keep him safe, stickers and a badge. There’s a picture of me at the bottom so if you didn’t know what i look like, now you know who to look for :) Even if you’re not after a Cavey, come say Hi!

Cavey on youtube

Day 250If you see pink hair and Cavey ears, thats me, Holly!

Its been a week of hard (but still fun) work getting things sorted and ready for ComiCon. Mostly i’ve been finishing up jobs and Cavey stuff so i can have a calm few days before we go away, and get the next batch of Caveys online when we get home. Hinty hinty; more Caveys when i get back! Until then keep your eyes on the heycavey site for a special SDCC Caevy related announcement! Not too many pictures this week, everything i’ve bene up to has been secret or i’ve forgotten to take my camera out with me, duur!

Mega Graff: While the rest of us stuffed our faces with beers and a delicious texmex feast Joe was up the end of the garden creating this. He literally did this over a couple of hours, i kept sneaking up to take a progress picture and before i knew it he was done! It would have take me forever, i don’t know how he does it :)

The design was based on a ram’s skull and painted in UV spray paints. My camera couldnt pick up with brightness of the final piece, the colours are incredible, it was literally glows! I think they’re hanging it in their house soon, so i’ll be sure to take a picture of it in all its glory. Its GIANT, too, 8ft x 8ft i think. You have to really stand back to take it all in.

Cavey totes in the shop!

Cavey Totes: Now in the A Little Stranger shop are these organic cotton tote bags featuring a cute (if i do say so myself!) Cavey design, each is screenprinted by hand and absolutely gorgeous! Limited to only 50 bags. Click here to visit the shop

That’s it from me for now, ive got a big stack of flyers that need badge packs stapling to them (handouts for Comicon) that’s calling my name! Other than that a relaxed and lovely weekend ahead, kicking off with drinks and dinner with my girlfriends tonight. Have a super weekend, see you on Monday for an exciting SDCC announcement! :)

Soon to be gracing the jeans of Rob Clops at SDCC this year. Catch Triclops at their signing on the Onell Booth #4937 Sunday morning 9.30am – 1pm. Loads of Cloppy stuff up for grabs including limited numbers of our last collab; A Little Stranger x Triclops wallets. Check out the Triclops blog for more details.

I can’t believe SDCC is only a week away! The toy blogs are rammed with so many brilliant SDCC exclusive toys, i’m preparing my wallet for a beating. I’ll be there on the Sunday with some exclusive Cavey stuffs, more details soon :)

Hi its Holly, remember me? Sorry for neglecting the A Little Stranger blog over the last week, work & Cavey stuff has kept me away from the computer, big exciting things have been happening and i hope to have some good news for you soon! A little bit of exciting news today is that the second wave of Caveys goes on sale in less than 12 hours!! Floral and Panda Cavey will go live tonight, July 12th at 7pm GMT. The first batch of Caveys sold out in less than half an hour so i hope everyone who is hoping for one tonight will be able to get one. Both Panda and Floral Cavey are each limited to 10 numbered pieces and will not be repeated.

How to get your Cavey: At 7pm tonight (GMT) the A Little Stranger shop listings will go live (panda here, floral here) Please refresh your browsers then :)

Apologies for the deadness of the blog all week, and the flurry of posts today as i catch up, i’ve had so much extra traffic to the shop and heycavey.com that I had to upgrade the server :) Its been a really fun week, Caveys release was a huge success and im so so happy about it, it feels like all the hard work behind the scenes s starting to come together! Onwards with the photos!


Day 1

Wow Caveys release day was mental! He officially went on sale at 8:30am GMT, i woke up to find an email from Lauren saying that the A Little Stranger shop had died, it had gotten so much traffic it had crashed! So i decided to take orders manually by email (people in America had waited up half the night to buy one, wow!) and within half an hour all 20 had sold! They were paid for, packed up and sent by lunchtime so me and Jonjo went to the zoo! This picture isn’t even of all the boxes, they’re still being packed at this point, how mean am i – messing about taking Cavey pictures while Jonjo does the packing-up!

Bigest of thank you’d to everyone who made the launch such a smashing sucess! And hugs and kisses to everyone who stayed up late to order theirs, i am the happiest bunny in the world! New Caveys announced soon! www.heycavey.com

Day 231

Sunday was the Watford Race for Life 5k, I ran it in half an hour which i was really pleased with as it was the hottest, most humid day of the year so far! It was a really great day, and a very moving experience to run and to see who people were racing for written on their backs. I was waiting at the finish line for Vicky to finish and saw ladies breaking down in tears, finishing the race that meant to much to them, i started crying too! This picture is me and Vicky (who walked it with a big gang of work friends, they raised Β£thousands for Cancer research – go team Carphone Warehouse!) just after we finished, i wore my medal all day! I will definitely do it again next year.

I raised Β£145 for Cancer Research. Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me, i hope i’ve done you proud :)

Ok so after i wrote the title i thought “sexy lady beards” could be taken the wrong way, so to clarify – I mean a beard on a lady’s face. Get your mind out of the gutter, guys! It’s been a super fun week with lots of toy surprises and fun with friends :)


Do you remember the custom droplets form the Series 2 launch party? Gav (Jamfactory) sent over these shots of them on display at Aardman animations! It makes me so excited to see them all next to iconic characters like Morph and Wallace! Can you spot my one?


Thanks Jay for featuring me on Design Stuff Daily! DSD is a collection of artsy loveliness from around the web, updated daily. Also have a look at my friend Moo’s feature – shes an incredibly talented digital artist, do you see anyone familiar on her feature page? :P

Click here to read the article

I’ve just added the last few super duper limited Triclops x A Little Stranger wallets to the A Little Stranger Shop.  Each wallet is handmade in the A Little Stranger studio by Holly, no two are alike! Colours were originally limited to: purple x 10, lime green x 3, hot pink x 2 and these are the last few left. Top quality polar fleece, plastic safety eyes and hand embroidered veiny details. Hold you oyster cards, credit cards or 10 business cards in its clear PVC pockets, closes with a velcro fastening. Reinforced with sturdy inner panels to keep your cards safe and sound.

Head to the A little Stranger shop to snag one!

Naughty naughty, i didnt have time to do a week in pictures last week, getting Cavey for launch has really been keeping me on my toes. So i present to you, a bumper edition!

Day 210
Day 210 of my Flickr 365days project
ElephantsFrom the Hey Cavey blog

Brunch Me and Jonjo went for a super fancy champagne reception bunch at one of the venues he manages. I’ve never had brunch before but im a total convert – and eggs benedict, where have you been all my life?! The venue is on the 29th floor of the Millbank tower and had some incredible views, i should have taken more photos but i was too busy stuffing my face, ha! On our way to Covent Garden afterward we passed through the Victoria Tower Gardens and saw the 3 elephants that are part of The Elephant Parade. We were on our way to Kidrobot London to take advantage of Munny Month (2 for 1 Munny’s) for customising. I picked up a white 7″ and a GID 7″, got lots of customising ideas already, now i just need to find the time to make them :)

Having my palm read At the brunch there was a palm reader and i had a reading. I don’t really believe in that kind of thing, but find it interesting so i gave it a go. A lot of the stuff was very obvious, that i’m creative, an individual and i like to do my own thing (i was sitting there with bright purple hair wearing a patchwork dress so i thought that was a bit of a no brainer) She also told me that i was dehydrated, not true – i’ve got to be the most hydrated person in Britain, i drink several gallons of tea daily. And that i’m very good at expressing myself verbally and through the written medium – so not true. I find writing anything excruciating, and anyone who’s met me IRL will tell you how bad i am at explaining myself- just try asking me for directions somewhere! She also hinted that i’d have a baby at 30, and 28 would be when my buinessy/work life would really take off – so watch this space, big things to come in the next 4 years!

Eatin’ octopus
Greek nightFrom the Hey Cavey blog

Greek Night We had a double date/epic greek themed food night last weekend with two of our best friends. I think Jonjo made nearly everything from scratch. It was lovely (I look like i’m having a bad time in the octopus picture above, but it was all for the camera, i ate it all!) night of gorgeous food and wine with some of my favouritest people. <3 <3 <3 This weeks food hilights has also included a great girls night in where i made a selection of  vegan curries for us all. One of my best friends has recently turned vegan, and i love cooking vegan food, especially curries. I was practically vegan for years as a single gal so i’m not so confident at cooking meat, but there’s something about making curry that i just love. I think because its slow, you don’t have to get everything ready for exactly the same time. After the tres healthy curry we evened it out by pigging out on cake. :)

Cavey Competition Since i launched  the competition to win this skeleton Cavey I have been overwhelmed by everyones creative and imaginative answers! I will be picking a winner when @heycavey reaches 200 followers, which won’t be long at this rate, only a few more to go! Thank you to everyone who has retweeted/blogged/said such lovely things about Cavey. He’s not even out yet and he’s had such a positive reponse. I’m so excited about his release! (on June 28th!)

image from rotocasted.com

Getting my dream Treeson I just paid for him yesterday and I just cant wait for him to get here, I have been kicking myself for not getting almond treeson when he came out. Of course i want all the treesons, but there’s something about his little bear face that put him above all the others for me. Thank you to Sam for sending me the link to get my dream toy, he also got me onto Rotocasted, where you can mark toys you have and make wishlists for ones you don’t yet. I may regret signing up when i’m broke from spending all my money on toys, it quite the enabling site! I havent quite finished adding all my toys to my Rotocasted page, it also made me realise how much of my collection is actual kids toys, rather than urban vinyl im such a bebe :)

Day 217
Day 219 of my Flickr 365days project

Rainbow cake earrings and necklace I was over the moon when i got this package from Mmagda on Etsy. In it was this incredibly detailed polymer clay jewellery, so beautifully made, i am beyond impressed! I got some ice cream cone earrings too :) www.etsy.com/shop/mmagda

Day 219Day 219 of my Flickr 365days project

So i caved and got one of those wanky armbands, my left hand’s so used to holding my ipod it kept trying to raise up when i was running, like i was going to answer a question ha ha! I love it though, and i’m glad i found a pink one. My fav running playlists – Resident presents Hospital (Mixed by Danny Byrd) / High Contrast Radio 1 Essential mix / John B podcast #68 July 2009 studio mix. BTW i’m running for Cancer Research on June 27th (only a week away!) my sponsorsip page is here, hint hint.

Hello piggies!

Thats it from me, hope you have a super duper weekend, bye bye now!!

Just added to the shop is the Blue Faced Bunny-yeti. As with all my plush-art the blue face bunny-yeti is unique and never to be repeated. He’s 9″ tall (not including his ears) with solid glass eyes, sculpted face and teeny weeny translucent teeth. No molds have been used in his making, once he’s gone he’s gone! Click here to buy.


A cheeky little sneak peek of a new creature i’m working on, he will be in the shop on Thursday. I cant wait to share more pictures with you!! :)

Apologies for no Week in Pictures this week, My work schedule has been crazy and I haven’t had time to put together, i will make next weeks extra good to make up for it! :) Instead a bring you a cross post from heycavey.com:

I am very happy to announce the first batch of Caveys will go on sale on Monday June 28th! First to be released will be Plain Pink (limited to 10 pieces – Β£8) and Brown Bear (limited to 10 pieces – Β£10) Each comes with a drawstring bag to keep him safe on his travels. As if that’s not enough, next week i’ll be announcing a twitter competition where you can win an exclusive never-to-be-in-the-shop Cavey! to make sure you’re the first to know follow Cavey on twitter @heycavey :)

A couple of weekends ago we had a video games themed dress up party. I think it deserves its own picture post because of all the awesome costumes everyone, so much effort went into it! The theme was 16 Bit, you had to come as a character from 16bit (or prior) game. Prepare to geek out :)


Its been a while but i’ve published a new Instructable – make these Sonic rings and Mario stars cupcakes. We made some for our 16 Bit fancy dress party

Click here to get making!

Meet My latest custom, Redcoat, an 8″ Qee. He is now on his way to the Civil War and Our Founding Fathers show which takes place in July. This was my first time customising a large figure like this and i had a lot of fun making him!


Hows that for alliteration? Its been a great and very productive week here. All my free time has been spent working on secret projects which will all be revealed in good time (oooh the mystery!) and working on my latest custom, and 8″ Qee. We also had an epic fancy dress party over the lovely long weekend.


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