A Little Stranger
Custom sepia bear

This custom has just been completed and shipped out to America, this was request to look like an old sepia photograph, so i cast the face in a slightly dulled creamy colour and picked creamy-toffee colour fabrics to match. Her body is made from a curly faux mohair with a dark backing so it really looks old. When she was complete i ‘aged’ her all over with an airbrush, i’m so pleased with how she came out!


I’ve just added a new full size plush to my etsy shop,  a not-so-scary zombie. She has weighted feet and a weighted bottom and free moving teddy bear joints in her shoulders and hips so she can sit and stand unassisted. Her head is sewn on but still has enough movement to allow you to pose her easily.

She is for sale here Edit: sorry she is now sold



This Brown Raccoon-creature was a custom plush for Cynthia of Green Girl Studios And here is a picture of her in her new home with Cynthia’s adorable little girl.

Send in pictures of A Little Stranger toys, brooches, wallpapers – anything! in their new home and get free shipping on your next purchase :)

Woodland Creature


She was a custom order. I wouldn’t have thought to make one in natural colour but i’m really glad i did! I like to make toys that I would want to buy, which quite often sucks because then i never want to sell them! ;) I love doing custom orders because I tend to get requests for something a little different from what i would normally make.

Brown Woodland Creature (more…)