A Little Stranger

Here is my second Octopal ‘Naughty’. She follows Nice around making weird “clack click clack” noises. Nice pretends not to care but secretly is scared to turn around They are both me testing out a new pattern i made, but i am thinking about making another so sell. For the next one i will pick two colours for each, dark for Naughty and light for Nice, as i think these ones have got a bit too much going on! :P

Naughty and nice


This funny Pentapus appeared in my garden the other day looking for a place to stay, i gave her a shrimp sandwich and now she lives with me!

She has been in the pipeline for a while, but didn’t turn out quite how i expected, im not sure about her just yet.

What do you think?

The Octopal

Here is a little peek at the direction some of my new designs are going to go in. Ive learnt a lot from my last set of plushes, the little girls in monster suits. I enjoyed setting myself a limit of only producing 10 of them but i think making all 10 in a row has made my blog a big stagnent.

My next line of plushes will come along a bit more sporadically and mixed up with other things – while making the little girls i have been coming up with lots of new ideas that I’m desperate to make as plushes!

I am also working on some cake toppers for a friends wedding which i will post pictures of in the next couple of weeks, i am very excited about getting them finished!!

A peek at whats to come

Holly xox

Last Wednesday Hollypop.co.uk was featured on the plasticandplush.com blog. I only just got back from a festival so its gotten lost on their page under all the Comic Con reports, but click here to read the article.

I am feeling very proud!

The festival was fantastic, it was lovely having a few days off but now i’m back i’ve got to get busy busy busy working on my new designs! I also need to try and get the smell of fires and hippies out of my hair :P

Hollypop on plastic and plushHolly xox

This is number 9 of 10 – only one more to go!! This little one is wearing a zombie costume, RAR! She has already found a home but the other little girls in monster suits are avaliable in my shop.

I am really excited about the last one of these little girls and i will post her picture soon, i am also excited about what will be coming next but that is a secret for now! ha!

Little girl in a zombie monster suit (limited edition 9 of 10)


You’ll get to meet them soon! :)

The last two!

Holly xox

This little guy has been around for a while but i only just got a tripod for my camera so these are my first pictures of him in the dark that aren’t blurry! He is a 2″ Qee (I think he was an alien? I remember him having a silver head) keychain. I Removed the keychain attatchment and all the existing paint and gave him a new neon pink look with lots of shiny shiny laquer. In black light he glows even better because the UV paint AND the phosphorescent plastic plastic glow.

Hollypop qee (And my Raspberry)

Hollypop qee

Hollypop qee

Hollypop qee

Holly xox

I made a custom pink Monster girl for Clutter magazine, i’m very flattered that they like her! I made this one a while ago but kept her secret just incase :o P

Hollypop on ClutterHolly xox

Numbers 5,6 and 7 of 10 are now up for grabs

These plushes is part of a limited run of 10 called ‘Little Girls in Monster Suits’ each one of the 10 has a different monster costume on. These are number 5, 6 and 7.

Hollypop Little Girls in Monster Suits (5, 6 and 7 of 10)