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2 New Broches in the Shop Print E-mail
Written by Holly   
Thursday, 05 February 2009
Bunny Brooch

Two new green bunny brooches are now avaliable in the shop. 


As always i am avaliable to make you a custom bunny brooch if you would like one in a specific colour.


Also, im very happy that i now have 100 'hearts' on Etsy yay! When i changed shops (because i wanted my shop name to go with the new site) I was worried i wouldn't sell anything at all because i looked like a new seller with no feedback, but now it look  like the new shop is going well! :D

Squeaky Buns now in the shop Print E-mail
Written by Holly   
Wednesday, 04 February 2009
Now in the shop

I have finished two more mini buns and put them in the shop. These are different to my last zombie one because i put a little squeaker inside so they make a cute sound when you squeeze them!


As with all my makings each one is hand made with lots of love and totally unique.


They are $32 each.

Zombie Bunnies! Print E-mail
Written by Holly   
Tuesday, 03 February 2009
Zombie Bunnies!

New to the shop are these zombie bunnies!  RAAAR!


The bunny face used in my brooches and mini buns  is an original sculpt by me, which is hand cast, hand painted and sealed with layers of clear lacquer for a durable finish


They were really fun to make and i hope they're popular so i can make more! :D

Companion Cube Cushion Print E-mail
Written by Holly   
Monday, 26 January 2009
Companion Cube cushion

This is a christmas present i made for my boyfriend Glisson, a companion cube cushion (wow thats some alliteration for you!) If you havent played it (and you should, its brilliant!) the companion cube is an item from Portal on xbox360.


This picture was taken in my room though (he dosent have a hannah montanna bed lol!) with Sully as my model. It was really fun to make and just the right size to make a perfect cotch for playing more portal :)

Bunny Brooches Print E-mail
Written by Holly   
Wednesday, 21 January 2009
4 more Bunny Brooches on etsy...

The ones i put up yesterday went really quickly so here are a few more. I think it'll be a while before i post any more as im concentrating on some bigger plushes next.


Click here to go to the shop .


I have included three sleepy ones, what do you think?

Bunny Brooches - one left! Print E-mail
Written by Holly   
Tuesday, 20 January 2009
Bunny Brooch Bunny brooches are now up on my etsy shop. If you reserved one i've put your name on the listing for you :)

I have been a bit overwhelmed by how popular they were, and after reservations only one is left for direct sale; this green and grey one. 
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