A Little Stranger

I’m back from Reading Festival. I took nothing but hi vis gear for the whole weekend, this was on the last day when Pendulum played! i spent the whole week looking forward to it and the excitement nearly popped my socks off by the time i finally saw them!! I had a brilliant time, this was my 8th year in a row. Click ‘read more’ for more pics, but they are off my phone and a bit rubbish :P

Raving at Reading festival


Reading festival was a blast! I made a bunch of these monster hats to sell while i was there but ended up being nutted or sparko most of the time so i have bought a bunch back with me to sell online! :P $28 each in my shop

Hollypop Monster hatHollypop Monster hat

Hollypop Monster hatHollypop Monster hat

Holly xox

Entirely hi-vis wardrobe = check

Wellies = check

Shit tonne of glow sticks = check check check

I’m off to Reading until monday!!!

im off to Reading Festival see you next week!Holly xox

These are for my friends Pebe and Tori who are getting married this week. It’s very exciting because they are the first out of our group of friends to get hitched! Ive been working on these in secret for the last couple of months but i can finally post a picture because now i have given them to the bride and groom to be! They are made of resin, but the necks are poseable. I will try and get some more pics on the big day of them on the cake!

Wedding Cake Toppers (more…)

This funny Pentapus appeared in my garden the other day looking for a place to stay, i gave her a shrimp sandwich and now she lives with me!

She has been in the pipeline for a while, but didn’t turn out quite how i expected, im not sure about her just yet.

What do you think?

The Octopal

These are from back in June but i only just remembered i had photos of them 0__0. They were a birthday present for my boyfriend, they go in a black fleece bag that has a face on it too.

Each one has a different expression (i like the shouting one the best!)

I thought that for if hes going to be a crusty juggler anyways he may as well do it in style :P

Monster juggling balls (more…)

Here is a little peek at the direction some of my new designs are going to go in. Ive learnt a lot from my last set of plushes, the little girls in monster suits. I enjoyed setting myself a limit of only producing 10 of them but i think making all 10 in a row has made my blog a big stagnent.

My next line of plushes will come along a bit more sporadically and mixed up with other things – while making the little girls i have been coming up with lots of new ideas that I’m desperate to make as plushes!

I am also working on some cake toppers for a friends wedding which i will post pictures of in the next couple of weeks, i am very excited about getting them finished!!

A peek at whats to come

Holly xox