A Little Stranger

Hello! who’s this?! This little bunny is an attempt to have some less expensive items in my shop. He has the same little resin face as the brooches but set into a squishy soft body. This is a test one i popped out but i was thinking i could put a lttle loop on the top of their ears so they can be hung on a bag?

$30, what do you think? Feedback is appreciated :D

Unfortunately all the comments on my site have been re-set. I had to change my comments application because an evil bot had got hold of my site and was leaving me 300+ comments every day. Fail.

Little bun and Katamari (more…)

Valentines will be upon us on February 14th and what better gift to get your sweetie than a bunny brooch?!

Some ready-made brooches are avaliable in my shop but i am also accepting commissions until this weekend (Jan 31) for custom brooches. So please get in touch if you would like a brooch made in a specific colour scheme.

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Valentines Commissions


This is a christmas present i made for my boyfriend, a companion cube cushion (wow thats some alliteration for you!) If you havent played it (and you should, its brilliant!) the companion cube is an item from Portal on xbox360.

This picture was taken in my room though (he dosent have a hannah montanna bed lol!) with Sully as my model. It was really fun to make and just the right size to make a perfect cotch for playing more portal :)

Companion Cube cushion (more…)

Here are a couple of snaps from my friends party last weekend where me and my buddy Moo took some ‘promotional’ pics of our bunnykin brooches. (Moo is my chief promoter, i think she tells everyone she meets about my website, what a little dream pie! :D )

Moos bunnykin is pink and looks so cute with her pink hair! My hair had gone an unfortunate shade of yellow/grey/green by this point. Bleurgh! Its now back to being blue :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Moo, my chief promoter! (more…)

The ones i put up yesterday went really quickly so here are a few more. I think it’ll be a while before i post any more as i’m concentrating on some bigger plushes next.

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I have included three sleepy ones, what do you think?

4 more Bunny Brooches on etsy... (more…)

Bunny brooches are now up on my etsy shop. If you reserved one i’ve put your name on the listing for you :)

I have been a bit overwhelmed by how popular they were, and after reservations only one is left for direct sale; this green and grey one.

Bunny Brooch (more…)

Here is the latest ALS desktop featuring rainbow bear! She feels like a bit of a celebrity now she’s transformed into a desktop for your computer or iPhone. Click here to see: Fullscreen / Widscreen / iPhone1 / iPhone2


Holly xox

Over the Christmas holidays I knitted this Sackboy from Little Big Planet. I had been wanting to make one for a while but then i read here that there was a pattern in the latest Simply Knitting magazine. I made a few little changes to their version; a bigger zip and narrower shoulders, and i’m really pleased with how he came out. I need to get quicker at knitting because everyone who comes round and sees him sitting atop the Playstation wants one!

I am quite happy with him but i’m going to do another one with an open mouth now i know how the pattern works. Next time i want to give him a wire armature too so he is easier to stand pose.

I will list them all on my Etsy shop early next week so if there is a specific one you would like please let me know and i will put your name on the listing to stop anyone else buying it

Leave a note on the flickr picture or leave a comment here.

They’re £24 each


Bunny Brooches for sale - reserve one now!

The Shock Flock come from the brain of illustrator Phil Corbett. Like all of Phil’s work they are cute characters with a sinister undertone, I produced 3 of these for Phil, each slightly different (Pictures of the other sheep soon) Each sheep was made from faux sheepskin with a patchwork felt head, they were a joy to work on and now are part of the artists personal collection.

View more of my professional portfolio here

This one-off jointed bear is around 12″ tall (not including her ears) Her face is a resin cast of my own original sculpt. Her face has been painted and sealed with layers of matte lacquer with gloss accents on her eyes and lips. She has weighted feet and a weighted bottom and free moving teddy bear joints in her shoulders and hips so she can sit and stand unassisted.

Click here to go to the shop Edit: sorry shes now sold

Rainbow Bear

Rainbow Bear, now in my Etsy shop

Rainbow Bear, now in my Etsy shop

Rainbow Bear, now in my Etsy shop

Rainbow Bear, now in my Etsy shop

These are some more christmas presents i gave this year, more of my resin faces but this time I made them into christmas tree decorations instead of brooches. I made three, put them in little gift boxes and wrapped each one up with brightly coloured chocolate coins and santas and gave them to mine and my boyfriends families.

I managed to make a lot of my gifts this year but didn’t get many pictures because the light is rubbish in my flat (now i’ve been paid, i’m going to get myself a daylight lamp this week!)

Snow Bear Decorations

You can’t really see in the pictures but when i laquered the faces i put a silver glitter fleck in the paint so they sparkled one the tree.

Snow Bear Decorations

This is what i wrapped each one up with – i just had to buy the cute chocolate men, they looked like santas at first but when i looked closer they were little priests!

Snow Bear Decorations

Its been a busy christmas break! I going to get lots of faces made so i can finish these bunny brooches over the next couple of weeks. I want them to be done in time for valentines <3

Right now it is snowing! I hope it settles by the time i have all my work finished later :D

Brooches in progress...

Holly xox

I was looking through all the pictures on facebook to make a ‘year in pictures’ post and realised i never posted any of my birthday! These are from a couple of months ago, but better late than never! For my birthday this year i wanted to have a High School Musical-esque prom!  So a bunch of us got dressed up round mine, then met up with everyone else and went clubbing.

We set up a photo area with a tripod to get some ‘nice’ pictures of all our outfits before we went out, it was really fun! There are zillions of them, so here are just a select few i’ve put up on my flickr…