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So i caved and got a twitter (does that make me a twit?!) I’m still getting the hang of it, come be my friend and make me feel popular!



Have you seen these Energy Potions? I bought these for my boyfriend but couldn’t decide which to get, Mana or Health, so i got both.

From their website: “It will bump your mana or your HP up +160 (real world humans have about 100 mana, by the way). It’s 5-8 hours of smooth, jitter-free energy. When it comes to caffeine content, this potent shot is equivalent to about two 8-ounce Red Bulls® or four cups of crappy office coffee.”

We’re gonna be the coolest nerds at the LAN party. Im not kidding we’re going to a LAN party this weekend – 4 screen Left 4 Dead, yey! :D

Mana Energy Potions

Holly xox

I have finished two more mini buns and put them in the shop. These are different to my last zombie one because i put a little squeaker inside so they make a cute sound when you squeeze them!

As with all my makings each one is hand made with lots of love and totally unique.

They are £22 each.

Now in the shop (more…)

Zombie Bunnies!

New to the shop are these zombie bunnies!  RAAAR! The bunny face used in my brooches and mini buns  is an original sculpt by me, which is hand cast, hand painted and sealed with layers of clear lacquer for a durable finish. Edit: sorry these are both now sold.

Zombie Mini Bun

Zombie Bunny Brooch

This morning i woke up to a garden full of beautiful snow and its continued snowing all day! This is very unusual for England , we usually have little bit and bobs of snow that rarely setlles for long. Things around here have pretty much ground to a stop, so my apologies to custom brooch buyers who will have to wait an extra day for me to get to the post office 0__0

So ive had a chilly but productive day of photos, computer stuffs and sewing, here are some wintery pics, enjoy!

Mini snow bunnies!


Hello! who’s this?! This little bunny is an attempt to have some less expensive items in my shop. He has the same little resin face as the brooches but set into a squishy soft body. This is a test one i popped out but i was thinking i could put a lttle loop on the top of their ears so they can be hung on a bag?

$30, what do you think? Feedback is appreciated :D

Unfortunately all the comments on my site have been re-set. I had to change my comments application because an evil bot had got hold of my site and was leaving me 300+ comments every day. Fail.

Little bun and Katamari (more…)