Had another busy week this week, lots of work to get done and lots of new projects on the horizon! I’m in a real creative swing right now which is great for getting things done but not so good for my social life! Im dragging my worky hermit bum out of the house tonight to go raving at Matter. I’m so excited i could wee.


I invested in a button making machine and i’ve been messing around with that. I want to start making little button packs to go in my etsy shop, and as promotional items! A badge giveaway will be happening on my twitter next week!


Had another go at the Millies cookies recipe i made last week, but this time i did the chocolate version. I was expecting these to blow everyone away but they didn’t seem to go down as well as the regular kind i made before. Maybe the cocoa makes them slightly dry? well worth a go though, saying they’re not as good as the yummiest biscuits i’ve ever eaten makes them in no way a failure! :) Recipe from Laurens Recipe Book


I wanted to include at least one picture of an actual human in this post, so here’s a blurry pic of me on the train on the way back from a meeting in London, the glamour! Also went for a day out in London on Saturday, i blogged some pictures from it here. Sushi and shopping with my hunky slice o’ man cake <3 <3


Stickers from Matt Jones arrived in the post, gonna get stick-stick-sticking soon! thanks matt! :)


Also putting a smile on my face this week: Plush Treeson / Getting tickets to see Alice in Wonderland at the Imax, waaa my gothy fangirl side comes out! / Designing cross stitch samplers / Giant Kuroromi / Gazing lovingly at things in Muji / Date day in Lodnon / Hospitality, tonight!!



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2 Responses to “Week in pictures: Badges, biccies and busy-ness”

  1. keri ~ aka starmunki Says:

    oooh, yay for buttons!
    i’m excited for those!
    i always look forward to your week in pictures…
    so thank you…=]


  2. Lauren Says:

    So exciting! I love the buttons. It was a cool surprise to see Moonmallow there. ^u^ I can’t wait ’til your badge giveaway. I’ll make sure to enter. <3

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