A Little Stranger

We’re off to Comic-con today, our flight leaves in just a few hours! The shop will take orders as normal, but shipping will resume when we get back. I’m not sure if i’ll be updating the blog while we’re gone, but will post some pictures to my flickr if i can.  See you soon!

Day 27

Remember my 8″ Qee custom, Redcoat for the Civil War & Founding Fathers Qee show? He’s up for sale in the Spaghetti Project shop. (Yes they spelt my name wrong, charming!) There are lots of other beautiful customs from the show, and a percentage of the sales goes to charity. Click here to visit the shop

I am very excited to announce Super Duper Caped Cavey, a SDCC exclusive. If you want one, find me at Comicon on the Sunday (July 25th, i’ll no doubt be hanging around the toy booths) and he’s yours to buy! They’re a limited run of 10 so you’ll have to be quick. Super Duper Caped Cavey is $20 including a drawstring bag to keep him safe, stickers and a badge. There’s a picture of me at the bottom so if you didn’t know what i look like, now you know who to look for :) Even if you’re not after a Cavey, come say Hi!

Cavey on youtube

Day 250If you see pink hair and Cavey ears, thats me, Holly!

Soon to be gracing the jeans of Rob Clops at SDCC this year. Catch Triclops at their signing on the Onell Booth #4937 Sunday morning 9.30am – 1pm. Loads of Cloppy stuff up for grabs including limited numbers of our last collab; A Little Stranger x Triclops wallets. Check out the Triclops blog for more details.

I can’t believe SDCC is only a week away! The toy blogs are rammed with so many brilliant SDCC exclusive toys, i’m preparing my wallet for a beating. I’ll be there on the Sunday with some exclusive Cavey stuffs, more details soon :)

Hi its Holly, remember me? Sorry for neglecting the A Little Stranger blog over the last week, work & Cavey stuff has kept me away from the computer, big exciting things have been happening and i hope to have some good news for you soon! A little bit of exciting news today is that the second wave of Caveys goes on sale in less than 12 hours!! Floral and Panda Cavey will go live tonight, July 12th at 7pm GMT. The first batch of Caveys sold out in less than half an hour so i hope everyone who is hoping for one tonight will be able to get one. Both Panda and Floral Cavey are each limited to 10 numbered pieces and will not be repeated.

How to get your Cavey: At 7pm tonight (GMT) the A Little Stranger shop listings will go live (panda here, floral here) Please refresh your browsers then :)

Day 1

Wow Caveys release day was mental! He officially went on sale at 8:30am GMT, i woke up to find an email from Lauren saying that the A Little Stranger shop had died, it had gotten so much traffic it had crashed! So i decided to take orders manually by email (people in America had waited up half the night to buy one, wow!) and within half an hour all 20 had sold! They were paid for, packed up and sent by lunchtime so me and Jonjo went to the zoo! This picture isn’t even of all the boxes, they’re still being packed at this point, how mean am i – messing about taking Cavey pictures while Jonjo does the packing-up!

Bigest of thank you’d to everyone who made the launch such a smashing sucess! And hugs and kisses to everyone who stayed up late to order theirs, i am the happiest bunny in the world! New Caveys announced soon! www.heycavey.com

Day 231

Sunday was the Watford Race for Life 5k, I ran it in half an hour which i was really pleased with as it was the hottest, most humid day of the year so far! It was a really great day, and a very moving experience to run and to see who people were racing for written on their backs. I was waiting at the finish line for Vicky to finish and saw ladies breaking down in tears, finishing the race that meant to much to them, i started crying too! This picture is me and Vicky (who walked it with a big gang of work friends, they raised £thousands for Cancer research Рgo team Carphone Warehouse!) just after we finished, i wore my medal all day! I will definitely do it again next year.

I raised ¬£145 for Cancer Research. Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me, i hope i’ve done you proud :)