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I’m really excited about being part of Clutter Magazines Yoka competition, if my design wins it might get made into a real-life vinyl toy!! If you like my design, please vote for me Edit: voting has now closed, thank you so much i you voted for me :)

‘Voting will last one week and the 3 designs with the most votes will go through to the final and stay in with a chance of having their design brought to life as part of an adFunture Yoka Series.’

Yoka BearHolly xox

So i caved and got a twitter (does that make me a twit?!) I’m still getting the hang of it, come be my friend and make me feel popular!



This Brown Raccoon-creature was a custom plush for Cynthia of Green Girl Studios And here is a picture of her in her new home with Cynthia’s adorable little girl.

Send in pictures of A Little Stranger toys, brooches, wallpapers – anything! in their new home and get free shipping on your next purchase :)

Woodland Creature


Here’s a fun bloggy questionnaire that I pinched from Jenny’s blog. Play along! These are the rules: Answer these same questions on your own blog. Replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention. Add one more question of your own. If you post this on your blog leave a note here so i can read yours

What is your current obsession?
The Saw ride at Thorpe Park . I cant believe they combined my massive love of Saw with my massive love of roller coasters! I’m going soon and wake up every morning and think about it!!

Which item from your closet are you wearing most lately?
Unfortunately as i work from home, my tracksuit trousers. For a bird with bright pink hair i can chav it up when i want to! :P Now the summer is on the way i’ll mostly be wearing my boy shorts im so handsomely modelling in the picture

What’s for dinner?
Burgers left over from a BBQ at the weekend, me and Alicia made quite a dent in them yesterday but theres a whole lot of meat left!

Me (more…)

Both my inner-goth and crafter are sooo excited about the Coraline movie. I have just been listening to the audio book today while i’ve been sewing :)

I deliberately haven’t done tooo much snooping on the net because i want as much of it as possible to be a surprise when i go see it  (it dosen’t come out in the UK until May) but all the little models look incredible!

The teeny tiny knitwear in the film was made by  the increidbly talented Althea Crome, head over to her site to see an amazing video of her knitting Coralines tiny jumper.


The Jellyfluffs say “Happy Friday!” have a lovely weekend!

Pink jellyfluff for sale here Edit: pink jellyfluff is now sold

Blue jellyfluff for sale here

Happy Friday!!

Holly xox

This plush had been a long time in the making but i finally finished him last night, meet the Monsterpillar! He has 6 poseable jointed legs and a jointed neck. As with my bears he has a resin face i cast by hand from my own sculpt. I’m really happy with the way he turned out – i was worried the new monster faces would look too plain compared to the little girls faces but it gives me a lot more scope for painting each one differently. I have already started another!

Pink jointed bear avaliable in my shop. Edit: sorry she’s now sold.

Monsterpillar (more…)

I’ve just finished adding some new prints to my shop, they all feature character illustrations on a simple white background.

5 x 7″ prints are £6

4 x 5.5″ Mini prints are £4.50

All my prints are professionally printed in short runs. High quality giclee print on archival acid-free matte heavyweight paper with archival pigment inks. The original painting was acrylic on paper.

Click here to visit the shop.

balloonHolly xox

I have just added some new smaller versions of my Sea Creatures , Bunnypillars and Snow Bear prints to the shop. These new sized prints are the same high quality proffessionally printed artworks, just a smaller size to make them more affordable :)

8.5 x x11 inch prints are only £11

Click here to visit my shop


Holly xox

Two jellyfluffs have been added to my shop. Buy the pink one here (Edit: sorry pink jellyfluff has sold) , and the blue one here.

“Jellyfluffs are one of a kind art toys by Holly Stanway

Each Jellyfluff has a hand cast, hand painted resin face set into a stuffed plush body. The face is an original sculpt by me and is sealed with layers of clear lacquer for a durable finish.

Jellyfluffs are fun to take pictures of and love going with you on adventures! :)

Jellyfluff vs Treeson

“Despite their cute appearance jellyfluffs are for careful kids an adults only. Each one is a lovingly handcrafted art toy and the face could prove a choking hazard for young children.” The pink jellyfluff is avaliable here Edit: sorry the pink jellyfluff has sold

Jellyfluff vs Treeson

This blue jellyfluff is avaliable here

Jellyfluffs take me to London

Pink Bear in the Shop

I have just added this pink bear to my shop, click here to buy her! Edit: sorry she has now sold

She is made from bobbly hot pink fabric with a soft fluffy pink head and has red and white striped inner ears and soft PVC paws. She is totally posable and able to stand and sit unassisted. As with all my toys she is totally unique and i will not be making another one!


Yesterday me and Leanne went for a fun day out in London! We went to the Wellcome Collection which i’d never been to before, it was absolutely fascinating and i recommend it highly! We ate tasty foods and walked around looking at stuff. We took the Jellyfluffs, here are some pictures….

Edit -  The pink jellyfluff has sold but you can still buy the blue one here

Jellyfluffs take me to London


This months featured desktop is this happy little octo-monster.

Avaliable in: Fullscreen / Widscreen / iPhone


Holly xox

I’ve just added four new bunny brooches to the shop. The Skull one is a new design, and the only little scrap of that skull fabric i had left so if you like it snap it up – there will never be another one!

Visit the shop here Edit: sorry they’re all sold out.

“Each bunny brooch has a hand cast, hand painted resin face set into a plush back and finished with a safety clasp. The bunny face is an original sculpt by me and is sealed with layers of clear lacquer for a durable finish. They are around 9 x 9cm.

If would like a custom made brooch in a colour of your ch
oice please let me know and i will do my best to make one exactly how you’d like!”

In the shop now


So I made this Flower-bunny brooch hybrid as a bit of an experiment, and before we went out on Friday me Alicia and Vicky took some ‘promo’ shots for the website. Not quite sure how effective they’d be as advertising but they sure were fun to take!

What do you think of the new brooch design – should i make some for the shop?

Flower Brooch (more…)

I’ve just sent out an email to the three winners for the first A Little Stranger Lottery. Congratulations if you won, i was surprised at how many people entered, thank you all!!

If you aren’t already on the mailing list join now to be the first to know when new items are going to go on sale , and the first to know about the next lottery, which i will be holding soon :)

Lottery Winners

This 10″ Teen Wolf action figure was produced for The Tarantulas in 2008-2009, he was worked on in between other projects and was truly a labour of love :) The face, feet and shoes were sculpted digitally, moulded and cast (I cast the face and hands in a translucent hard resin to mimic skin, and the shoes in a soft rubber) before i took over with the plush work. The body was a 10″ action figure base from Japan, which i then fitted with a skin tight fur suit made from specially produced 4 way stretch faux fur in a number of hand-dyed colours to give a realistic werewolf look. The fur is produced to order and is usually used in the film and taxidermy industry for creating realistic animals. Once the fur suit was made (and trimmed!) I patterned and produced a little basketball kit for him. Each letter on the jersey is an individual heat fix transfer i hand-cut. I painted his face with many thin coats of washes, pastels and acrylics before sealing with a durable matte lacquer, and finally glossing the eyes and those tiny teeth.

View more of my professional portfolio here

Teen Wolf was produced while i was under contract at Morpheus Creative Form Development

Heres some pictures of my two latest custom orders.

If you would like your own custom squeaky bun made please get in touch !

Squeaky buns are one of a kind art toys by Holly Stanway, each has a little squeaker inside, they love to be squeezed! *squeak squeak!*

Custom Squeaky Bun (more…)

What do you think of him? I’m thinking of making a couple more to put in the shop?

Yay Friday! Today im finishing up some custom orders and working on a new bunch of bunny brooches. The little white guy on the left is a Jellyfluff, i made him last night :)

Totem pole


I found these little jellyfishes keyrings i made aaaages ago from my old website, i only have 3 left and thought it would be fun to hold a lottery to give them away!

Next Monday (March 9th) I will use a random number generator to pick members of my mailling list to recieve a jellyfish.  If you would like to be in with a chance of winning and aren’t on the mailling list already, leave a comment here or send an email to: holly stanway (at) gmail.com

Good luck! i’ll post the winners here Monday. Edit: the competition is now closed, thanks to everyone who entered!


Holly xox

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